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Specially crafted medications that your pets will actually enjoy.

Great Earth Pets

Treats, Not Doses.

Earth Compounding Pharmacy takes care of not only human patients, but also animal patients who benefit by our veterinary compound pharmacy service. We ensure that taking medications is not only effective but also a pleasant experience for your pet.

How do we do that?  Compounded medications are made in any flavor or form that your beloved pet prefers. Our trusted veterinary compounding experts create unique medications customized for the size, health needs, and flavor preferences of your pets.

A Trusted Veterinary Pharmacy

When You Both Need Us.

You’ll find the services of Earth Compounding Pharmacy helpful when:

  • Your pet won’t take pills
  • Your pet will eat only foods with particular, favorite flavors
  • Your pet takes more than one medication
  • Your pet needs a human-only medication not available to animals

Every pet is different, and the medication for each pet should be different, too. It doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional or exotic pet, we understand the challenges of dispensing medication to animals. Working with your veterinarian, we develop a medication specifically tailored to the needs of not only your pet’s breed and medical condition, but also the pet himself.

Our Veterinary Compounding Services Include:

Customized strength and dosage medications for pets


Flavored drops

Combined medications


Transdermal gels

Pet-centric flavoring of medications (for example: beef or fish)

Alternative dosage forms

Veterinary medications not readily available on the market

Flavored solutions or suspensions


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