Magic Mouthwash for Oral Thrush

“Magic Mouthwash” is commonly prescribed for conditions such as mucositis, canker sores, mouth pain, and chemotherapy/ radiation induced conditions. The logic behind Magic Mouthwash is to combine ingredients with different potential mechanisms of action to treat a variety of oral conditions.

Magic Mouthwash may contain a combination of:


Antibiotics help reduce the bacterial flora around the lesion.


Antihistamines create a local anesthetic effect.


Antifungals help stop any fungal growth in the mouth.


Steroids help reduce inflammation in the mouth.

Local Anesthetic/ Pain Reliever or Antacid

These ingredients enhance coating of all other ingredients on the mouth.

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Patients: The compounded Magic Mouthwash is available by prescription only. Please discuss it with your physician, or contact us with your physician’s name and contact information, and we can supply him or her with additional information. Doctors: Contact us today to speak with our pharmacists to discuss other combinations that may be available to improve your patient’s symptoms and increase medication compliance.


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