Kangen Water: What Is It and Why Is It Better For Us?

Tired of the nasty taste of tap water and the possibility it’s full of pollutants? Look no further than Kangen Water, a filtering system and particular brand of alkaline water that will leave you with better tasting and better-for-you water for everyday use. Alkaline waters are a healthier form of water and boast significant anti-oxidant properties, helping the body efficiently absorb nutrients and boost your metabolism. Alkaline waters are said to eliminate the acidity in our bodies and can be more readily absorbed because they are comprised of smaller molecules than tap water or even regular bottled water.

Kangen translates to ‘return to origin’ in Japanese, meaning the producers of Kangen Water are committing to taking water back to its purest form and origins. Kangen Water is a water ionization and filtration system that will remove the harmful chemicals associated with tap water, producing a healthier form of water through electrolysis. This process of electrolysis results in alkaline water, which is a more energizing form of water that hydrates the body more effectively and balances the body’s pH. Being aware of what is going into your body is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and water should be no exception.

Kangen Water – How It Works

The science behind Kangen Water filtration machines lies in electrolysis. The machines apply an electrical charge to your tap water, sending the charged water through an ion exchange system. This process mixes the positive and negative ions with the water, which helps break down molecules.

The Health Benefits of Kangen Water

Alkaline or ionized waters are better for you than tap water because they remove all the harmful components of unfiltered water, but there are many additional health benefits of using the Kangen Water system. Kangen Water can be used for more than just drinking, many people also use it for cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene, as the water that is produced is in its purest form and therefore much better for your skin and overall healthiness.

  1. Hydration
    • Alkaline water is more readily absorbed by the body, increasing its drinkability and reducing the common bloated feeling associated with water intake
  2. Detoxification
    • Kangen water assists in the neutralization of free radicals and helps your body stay hydrated
    • Drinking Kangen water flushes out the toxins that gather in the bloodstream during a detox.
  3. Better for Cleaning Your Home
    • Kangen water helps loosen the molecular bonds between dirt and the surfaces you are cleaning by acting as a magnet
    • It actually helps remove grime and dirt off surfaces, making it easier for you to wipe away
    • You will no longer have a need for toxic, dangerous cleaning products!
  4. Personal Hygiene
    • Acidic water is often referred to as ‘beauty water’ and serves as an effective cleaning agent, leaving your face smooth and moist without the assistance of harsh astringents
  5. Better for Your Overall Health
    • Many states have found that tap water has become contaminated with unsettling amount of chemicals
    • The Kangen water filter system helps to clean up contaminated and polluted water by removing chemicals and bacteria that may lead to health issues
  6. Environmentally Friendly
    • Acidic water is non-polluting and naturally free of phosphates

If you are looking for an alternative to tap water and bottled water, a Kangen Water filtration system may just be for you. Not only will you have better control of the quality of water you are ingesting, but you will be at the forefront of the health-conscious who recognize that certain types of water are better for our overall health.


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