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What We Do For Doctors

Over 10 Years of Experience.

Earth Compounding Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering state of the art preparations for your patients. We offer personalized pharmaceuticals for your patients with an emphasis on customer service, meaning that we make ourselves available to answer patient questions, reducing the number of unnecessary patient calls to your office.

Your medical colleagues have enjoyed working with us and call us reliable because of our ability to provide:

  • Custom made medications that are not available anywhere else.
  • Specialized dosing or route of administration
  • Combined medications
  • Medications that may not be readily available on the market

Each compound that comes from our state-of the art laboratory is made with precision and accuracy that I hold to a 100% Guarantee on quality and consistency. We also independently test our work to assure quality of our compounds.

We work with a wide range of medical specialties, from OBGYN to Dermatology, and everything in between. Pharmacy compounding can support and help you grow the specialties of your practice. In addition to our pharmacy products, Earth Compounding Pharmacy  prides itself on taking care of your patients as if they were our family. Our pharmaceutical services include patient follow up; we confirm that the patient is fully satisfied with their treatment, and if they are not, we will report that back to you.

Contact us today to speak with our pharmacists to discuss other combinations that may be available to improve your patient’s symptoms and increase medication compliance.

For more information on how to write a compounded prescription or whether compounding would benefit one of your patients, please feel free to contact one of our licensed pharmacists, or read more here.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with doctors directly in creating a program or product for their practice.


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