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Doctor Testimonials

“We have been working with Great Earth Pharmacy for about a year and the whole team there has been extremely helpful. Helen, the pharmacist, has a thorough understanding of appropriate uses of bio-identical hormones. She has years of experience in consulting with patients and medical practitioners to find good pharmaceutical solutions for various situations. Her availability on the phone, fax or email for consultations is amazing. She has been immediately willing to review any patient situations with us and offer expert opinions about different options. The whole pharmacy team is equally responsive in answering price or billing questions, filling our patient’s prescriptions and getting them shipped right away. Our patients are very happy with their service and we have not had one complaint. Helen is also very willing to speak directly to our patients if they have any questions.”


– Optimum Wellness Medical Group: Megan Shields, MD Keller Wortham, MD Elizabeth Bartlett, FNP

“Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy always meets the needs of my patients.  I get consistent exuberant feedback from my patients that Great Earth’s customer service is outstanding.  GECP staff is exceedingly available and helpful to me, they keep great hours, have free delivery, bill insurance, and offer amazing and creative solutions to medicinal problems.  I am extremely grateful to have found them, and use them exclusively for my compounding needs.”


– Dr. Michelle Gerber, Balance Naturopathic Healthcare

“Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy is my compounding pharmacy of choice. I run a busy practice and can always rely on The Great Earth Team to provide high-quality medications that are effective (as reflected in patient lab levels and response to treatment). As well, the team at Great Earth is one I can count on for the high level of professionalism and customer service my patients have come to expect. I believe that the pharmacy we choose for compounds reflects on our practice because it contributes to the entire patient experience. So my first choice is Great Earth.”


– Dr. Mike Carragher

“It makes my job so much easier and my patients so happy to have the incredible services provided at Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy! I couldn’t do what I do best without them!”


– Dr. Lucille Holly

“Great Earth Pharmacy has been nothing but wonderful to work with. My patients tell me that the pharmacists are exceptionally informative, helpful, and professional. They are always willing to take patient calls and help explain various issues with the patient, and call me if there is ever any concern about interactions or dosing. Compounded medications are made quick and available usually within 24 hours. Helen, the owner and head pharmacist, as well as the other pharmacy team members are knowledgeable and helpful as a resource when facing a difficult patient case, and provide valuable feedback and advice. Whether solving clinical problems like adjusting bases or strengths of ingredients to increase absorbability, to making a specialized formula to meet a patient’s unique allergic needs, this pharmacy has been so exceptionally helpful on so many levels. And the icing on the gluten free/dairy free/gmo free/chemical free cake is that they are all such lovely individuals!”


– Dr Stacey Kupperman, ND

“Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy has been a really wonderful group of people to work with! My patients do very well on the products produced by the Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy and furthermore, their customer care is fantastic! I, personally often challenge them to customize products on behalf of my patients, and they not only do so with quality, but they do so in a timely fashion which both my patients and I greatly appreciate! I am very happy with the care we get from Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy and would highly recommend them to any physician who is looking to provide their patients with quality products and quality care!”


– Dr. Nikki Arguinzoni-Gil, ND

“The Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy is the best compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles. They are always available to answer questions, and serve the needs of my patients. They really do feel like family. They have excellent knowledge of compounding medications, excellent customer service skills, and they are always eager to answer any questions you may have about the medications they dispense. I would highly recommend them.”


– Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND

“I use Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy because I find that they are experienced, professional and reliable. I am constantly impressed by the way their highly skilled staff advocates for my patients while staying up-to-date on current medical research. The team at Great Earth Pharmacy is passionate about providing customized medications that meet the unique needs of each individual. They take the time to support the community of medical providers who share their whole-person philosophy of healthcare. I am confident that every prescription that I write to Great Earth yields the highest quality medication because they value patient safety and therapeutic efficacy as much as I do.”


– Dr. Danielle Gran, ND

“I love working with Great Earth Pharmacy because they are able to accommodate the patients I have with difficult schedules. They always ensure that the patient gets their prescriptions in a timely way, even if they have to make special arrangements for delivery.”


– Barbara Rush, ND

“Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy has provided high quality products that I can trust for my patients. Their customer service makes it easy and quick to get in touch with the pharmacists to answer my questions or to adjust prescriptions.”


– Dr. Jennifer Abercrombie, ND