Compounding Pharmacy Burbank, CA

Every city has their own unique origin story and Burbank, CA is no exception.

“A city built by People, Pride, and Progress” is the motto for this community rich in history, culture, and perseverance. Burbank, CA was named after Dr. David Burbank, a dentist from New Hampshire who traveled the long road west in search of new opportunities. In 1867, Dr. Burbank purchased land from Rancho San Rafael and Rancho La Providencia in what would become Burbank, CA. The purchase set in motion progress that impacts Burbank, CA to the present day. Recognizing the importance of progress is what makes Burbank, CA such an attractive place for diversity of people and industries.

Earth Compounding Pharmacy believes progress is a powerful tool. We are proud to work alongside doctors and patients in Burbank, CA to provide innovative and alternative solutions to health and wellness. Since 2007, we have worked to deliver preventative medicine strategies as specialized as the bodies they’re prepared for. 

Just as Burbank, CA embraces a values defining motto, Earth Compounding Pharmacy stands by four defining principles that can transform wellness for patients in Burbank, CA.

  1. Value in Expertise: we work with only the most qualified professionals. All of our pharmacists are fully trained in compounding so you can trust the personalized medications are in the best possible hands.
  2. Education is Everything: educating patients regarding side effects, drug interactions, and other important safety information is vital to the success of their treatment. We ensure all patient questions are answered by one of our expert pharmacists.
  3. Follow-up Makes the Difference: we help patients stay compliant with their protocols to ensure their health is at the highest level. 
  4. Cheaper isn’t better: quality is never an option. Ingredients are purchased from FDA-regulated and dependable laboratories guaranteeing safe, high quality products. We compound using the most up-to-date equipment in order to deliver medication of the highest caliber.

Earth Compounding Pharmacy understands that trust is the foundation for lasting relationships with our patients. Since trust develops with time, we always have plenty of it to deliver superior customer service to all of our friends in Burbank, CA and surrounding areas.

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