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Meet Dr. Helen Kizler

Expert In Bio-Identical Hormones

Throughout her career, Dr. Kizler has provided sought-after compounding pharmaceutical services. She is a faculty member at the Institute of Integrative Medicine and can frequently be seen participating in seminars on the cutting edge of her field. Within her many areas of interest, she is an expert in Cosmeceuticals and Veterinary Preparations, and is an advisor on the art of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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Located in Pasadena, we offer personalized preparations created by experts using state of the art technology and dedicated to providing a superior client experience, whether you are a doctor or the patient. At Earth Compunding Pharmacy, we partner with physicians and other healthcare providers to develop customized pharmaceuticals that deliver unique services and forms of medication. We are proud to be the pharmacy you can rely on to deliver high-quality, consistent compounds at affordable prices. We will only deliver quality and consistency, backed by a 100% Guarantee on every order that we fill!


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