As leaders in bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) compounding, Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles is frequently asked about ways to fight the signs of aging. Hormones play a critical role in our aging process-for both men and women. Fight the signs of aging with natural hormones such as DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Melatonin and Pregnenolone.


According to Dr Mercola, testosterone, also known as the sex hormone declines with advancing age in both sexes. Testosterone helps in maintaining muscle mass and strength and bone density. The hormone is often administered to aging men and women as a topical cream. Compounding pharmacies can compound testosterone into oral forms (sublingual drops), concentrated creams, or injections.


The Mayo Clinic describes DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) as an adrenal hormone that is the precursor for hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. As we age, the hormone DHEA declines in both men and women. DHEA became credible to the medical establishment when the New York Academy of Sciences published a book entitled DHEA and Aging. This book provided scientific validation for the many life extending effects of DHEA.

Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen and Progesterone as also referred to as the “female” hormones. These hormones play important roles in maintaining bone density and strength, sexual function, mental function and, in women, in countering the effects of the menopause. Recent studies indicate that estrogen (in the form of estriol and estradiol) may be an effective treatment for age-associated memory problems. While Progesterone has benefits when taken orally, it is recommended by doctors that Estradiol and Estriol be used topically, as creams.


Melatonin is a highly potent antioxidant. It is released every night to help induce sleep and recuperation from fatigue. Some studies indicate the importance of maintaining youthful levels of melatonin to help protect against age-related degenerative diseases.


According to Natural News, “Pregnenolone works by keeping the brain clear and sharp by blocking GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that works by inhibiting the firing of neurons in the brain. Higher levels of GABA, associated with aging, can make the brain sluggish”.

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