How Do You Define Aging?

According to an online research, healthy aging consists of decreased energy, decreased metabolism, changes in sleep, decreased sex drive and loss of muscle mass. What if you could slow down the signs and symptoms associated with getting older? Fight the signs of aging with 7 tips to slow down the aging process NOW.

“The main problem with our healthcare system’s approach to aging has to do with the reactive approach that most doctors take to treating patients.  They wait until something goes wrong, then intervene”, according to Dr Mike Carragher at The Body Well USA. Dr Mike offers a proactive approach to fight the signs of aging. Dr  Carragher provided us with the follow 7 tips to fight the signs of aging.

7 Tips to Slow Down The Aging Process and Fight The Signs of Aging

Sleep More

Stay hydrated-drink more water

Eat foods that are nutrient dense and minimally processed

Laugh more and find leisure time

Secure a good source of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K)

Eliminate or reduce refined grains, refined sugar, and high omega-6 oils

Optimize Your Hormone Levels
Dr. Mike Carragher is board certified in Family Medicine with advanced training in the field of Age Management Medicine. In 2007, Dr. Carragher opened The Body Well, in line with his vision to provide quality health care with an emphasis on age management, hormonal optimization, aesthetics, prevention and well-being. Dr Mike describes optimizing your hormone levels as KEY to seeing maximal results.  As we age, our hormone levels drop into non-optimal ranges. Working with a physician who specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is fundamental.

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